CME Brakes, is a time proved company engaging in vehicle brake field since 2002, originated from a business unit of SINOMACH Group, we do RD & Manufacturing of brakes for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles as well as agricultural equipment.

With a steady team and continuous investing in the past decades, CME has set up its reputation as a reliable partner to more than 50 clients all over the world.

Now we sell more than 500,000 units of brake parts and related products to all over the world, and keep increasing at about 15% per year.

Beyond all standard parts for replacement use, we are good at customizing parts per customer requests such as performance tuning or parts for DIYers.

In CME, our credo is, treat product with hearts, treat customer with hearts.



CME Brakes started this project in 2003, now we have about 1,200 models of aftermarket brake calipers and supplying some famous brands in Europe, as a symbol of Reliability and Affordable. Especially we supply full range of EPB calipers since 2018.


CME Brakes is one of the earliest vendor who study into high carbon brake rotors since 2005. To solve the crack issue on some racing circumstances, we cooperated with some experts in casting field, cultivated special HC material which can decrease heat crack significantly. Among numerious brake rotor vendors in China, CME always keep good control on balance of price and quality. Our customer is mainly high quality parts distributers or whosalers or brake kit builders.


Performance brake is a main production line for CME Brakes, we have more than 50 models of such brake calipers for tuning & updating purpose, including forged and gravity casting aluminum material. To make customized parts for different purpose is our biggest advantage, we can help customer to design and test such parts on our test cars or bench tester.


CME Brakes supply high performance brake calipers and discs.
BBK, 8/6/4 pot caliper big brake kits, for front brake upgrade choice, caliper can be logoed as with shop logo or customized logo.

1. Forged 6082 aluminum brake caliper.
2. High carbon two pieces brake rotor with forged 6082/7065 rotor hat.
3. 100% check on rotor DTV, balance standards per premium brands on market.
4. High level painting from aviation industry standards.


Among all our business range for various brake elements, trailer brake is always our proud, we make economical brake kits for boat trailers and other functional trailers, including disc brake and drum brake. We are OEM supplier for several major trailer builders in the states, and we are always helping out clients to bulild their own brand kits.


CME Brakes focus on electronic parking brake motors manufacturing since 2018, now we have more than 40 models to cover with most popular EPB's in the market. By means of supplying the parking brake actuators individually from CME, there is no need for you to replace the whole caliper assbebly. Every piece of the actuator from CME will be tested on its water proof performance, torque data, noise data, etc to make sure it has the OEM level performance.
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